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Advanced Spine Surgery Center: Our Team of Top Doctors

At ASSC we have an excellent staff of doctors.  You can read all of their profile details on our Meet Your Doctor page.  For a quick summary, our surgeons include Dr. Liu, Dr. Aranas, Dr. Bitan, Dr. Frazier, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Shiau, Dr. Lu, and Dr. Beiro.  Our anesthesiologists include Dr. Demesmin and Dr. Bannister.  Our pain medicine and physical rehabilitation doctors include Dr. Zheng, Dr. Kang, and Dr. Chen. 

Selecting the doctors that provide care at Advanced Spine Surgery Center is something we take very serious.  Each physician is interviewed thoroughly and a full review of important data including Curriculum Vitaes, medical affiliations and memberships, patient reviews, practice outcomes, peer references, board certifications and licensing records on file are reviewed with diligence.  We choose doctors that are reputable in their specialty whether it is in minimally invasive spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, pain management, or physical rehabilitation.  Being selective in each of these fields of medical care is what allows Advanced Spine Surgery Center to create a comprehensive and successful care team experience for our patients.  Together with our compassionate team of experienced nurses and knowledgeable staff members our focus is on direct attention to our patients and exceeding standard levels of care for the industry.  We make sure each of our physicians share these goals and expectations so that we continue to deliver the quality and respect each patient deserves. A positive experience coupled with a professional environment helps us and our patients reach the ultimate goal of an outstanding surgical recovery.  Please feel free to read more about our team of doctors or ask a staff member to help you with any other questions you may have about Advanced Spine Surgery Center.