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Eight out of ten Americans Suffer from Back Pain

Surveys and statistical data gathered indicate that as many as 80% of us will experience a significant experience with back pain during our lifetime.  In fact, lower back pain is one of the highest causes of disability claims within the workforce.  Those highest at risk are construction crew members, health care workers, manufacturing trade work, warehouse stockers, and retail workers.  Males and females rank about the same in the number of reports filed.  On average, someone with back pain will lose at least 5 hours of productivity a week due to back pain.

Not just the workforce, conditions that cause back pain affect more of the US population than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined.  Chronic pain is reported more often by people who are over 44 years old and within that group just about 30% report lower back pain while 15% are neck pain sufferers.

Statistics regarding lower back pain, not surprisingly, show that patients are usually in worse physical and mental condition than those that do not have lower back pain.  Chronic back pain is often the result of a progressive back disease or condition, repetitive trauma, or being overweight and creating an impairment to the more delicate structures of our spine.

Being proactive about neck or back pain that we notice is persistent is worth having looked at by a professional.  Advice about preventative or curative measures can mean a lot less stress down the road.  Our bodies and our minds work best when we allow ourselves the opportunities to feel the best that we can.