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Electing Surgery After Conservative Measures No Longer Work

Considering surgery is a decision that requires some knowledge of the procedure and the benefits vs. the risk or continued problems by not having surgery.  Back pain often prompts action when there are multiple recurrences or unrelenting pain. An MRI will highlight abnormalities in the spine or problems that could get worse over time. Initially flare ups may be temporarily relieved at home by taking ibuprofen, resting and applying heat. Unfortunately, back pain, if caused by an ongoing condition, will most likely become a steady annoyance. Prescription medication or steroid injections may temporarily relieve back or neck pain. Activities such as yard work, housework or mild to moderate exercise may exacerbate a spine condition.  A patient may even gain some weight or experience an increase blood pressure due to the inactivity created by avoiding back pain. Eventually the compiling frustration and secondary problems caused by neck or back pain prompts speaking to a specialist.  Depending on the diagnosis from the spine specialist, the patient may be recommended an open (traditional) surgery or an endoscopic surgery. If possible, patients tend to lean towards and endoscopic solution because it will provide a less intrusive result and can be done without in-patient hospitalization.

For an endoscopic procedure, the patient will be in the procedure room for about an hour and then over to a recovery bed to monitor vital signs and make sure they have recovered satisfactorily. If there are no recovery hurdles, the patient will go home that day. Endoscopic procedures leave a very small incision mark. The incision is so small that covering the wound after 24 hours will require little more than a bandaid. Open, non-endoscopic, procedures will require the patient to stay in the hospital since the surgery requires a larger incision, usually involves more complex conditions, and pain control is best administered as an inpatient.

At Advanced Spine Surgery Center, our primary focus is on supporting minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgeons and their patients with a facility that offers advanced equipment, a clean friendly atmosphere and professional qualified staff to assist both the patient and the surgeon. Our patients often tell us how happy they are following their surgery. After just a few days of rest and recovery they are already energetic and excited about get back into a healthier active life without back pain worry.