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Spinally, a better way to fight back pain

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Treatments

Sweeping the nation, endoscopic surgical procedures have become the latest trend in medicine. These procedures have quickly become the hot topic among chronic back sufferers and top tiered spine surgeons since these minimally invasive methods have proven to reduce down-time and pain.

Surgeons have been lining up to specifically train on minimally invasive techniques so they can offer the best possible and state of the art medical treatment to patients who have long suffered from serious orthopedic conditions such as spondylolisthesis, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and radiculopathy.

With demand for these types of procedures skyrocketing, more and more patients are requiring surgeons who not only have a stellar reputation, but who also have endoscopic surgery experience.

What Makes Endoscopic Spine Surgery Your Best Choice?

Endoscopic Spine Surgery treatments extinguish the traditional prolonged hospital stays, painful recovery time, and substantial loss in work and lifestyle. Unlike traditional open back spine surgery, endoscopic procedures can be performed through incisions as small as a nickel. The small entryway allows a surgeon to treat many orthopedic conditions without the trauma associated with traditional surgery methods of gaining open access to the condition’s source. Because of this, recovery times for endoscopic spine surgery are often only a fraction of the delayed time needed for other open back procedures.

How Does it Work?

Endoscopic Surgery uses small tubular system or micro incisions, assisted with endoscope or microscope. This type of Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) provides patients with quicker recovery time and less pain than traditional open back spine surgery. It preserves normal spine mobility because the spine is not fused with screws and rods. With experienced hands, most of procedures takes less than one hour and the patient gets back to walk around in only a few hours.

What types of procedures qualify as endoscopic?

There are several procedures available with endoscopic technology. The endoscopic procedure used to remove damaged disc material that is causing pain in the lower back (lumbar) or neck (cervical) is called an Endoscopic Discectomy. An Endoscopic foraminotomy surgery is performed to relieve pressure caused by compression from bone spurs, disc herniations, scar tissue, or excessive ligament development. And, the Endoscopic Facet Rhizotomy procedure is a true minimally invasive spine surgery used to deaden affected nerves causing chronic back and neck pain. Each surgical procedure uses the scope device, a monitor, and the hands of a skilled surgeon.

Who Can Perform Endoscopic Spine Surgeries?

Endoscopic spine surgery is one of the many specialities of Advanced Spine Surgical Center (ASSC). Heading up the surgical team is Dr. Kaixuan Liu, co-founder of ASSC. Other leading surgeons include Dr. Fabian Bitan, MD, Dr. Rae Aranas, MD (deformities expert), Dr. Daveed Frazier, MD.

The Endoscopic Spine Surgery available at Advanced Spine Surgery Center is a true minimally invasive procedure that has revolutionized the treatment of back and neck pain. If you’re searching for long lasting pain relief without radical treatment methods, take a closer look at endoscopic surgery.