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What Is A Surgery Center?

Surgery Centers allow doctors to perform low risk procedures and minimally aggressive surgeries.

Surgery Centers can also be referred to as Ambulatory surgery centers, Outpatient surgery centers or Same-day surgery clinics. These facilities comply with the laws and regulations for both the federal and state level approved health care. At a surgery center, fairly quick, low risk, non-complicated surgical procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay are performed.

Insurance companies usually consider expenses from a surgical center similar to the hospital benefits detailed in the patient’s particular insurance plan. The insured, as with any planned event, will need to check with their insurance beforehand to review benefits for the specific location of their planned procedure.

Surgical center patients are generally healthy when they visit the center for their procedure and therefore the risk of infection at surgery centers is historically lower than at hospitals where the very sick are being cared for and extensive stays are common.

The overall objective for surgical centers is so that a patient may have an uneventful procedure, can go return to the comfort of their own home that day, and benefit from a fast recovery.  If you have questions about a surgical center in your area, call their staff and ask questions. Most surgery centers are open Monday through Friday and closed on weekends.